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Money Heist Cartoon Fanart

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Dibujando La Casa de Papel -antena 3 Netflix serie de TV españa ilustracion fanart estilo cartoon caricatura dibujo anime tokio rio profesor y mascaras de dali por Rick Ruiz-DanaPedro de Arriba asked me on my Youtube if I was planning to draw the characters from the TV series, Money Heist, that is on Netflix. I haven’t seen it at the time, I only knew it for the Netflix ads. It looked like it was about some killers or robbers with weird Dali masks and red jumpsuits. It reminded me the Purge series, with horror, gore and lots of deads. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I watched the first episode. So little I knew about what I was getting into.

I binge through the first season in two days!

Money Heist is a 2017 Spanish TV series called “The House of Paper”, La Casa de Papel, that aired on Antena 3.

Lo primero que me se me vino a la cabeza son todas esas referencias y guiños a las peliculas de atracos. Me recordo a Tarantino, a La gran Estafa de Soderbergh, a las pelis de Guy Ritchie y a Breaking Bad.

Con ganas de dibujar algo mas épico, me puse a buscar entre las portadas de las pelicuas de estafas, a ver si encontraba algo que secuestrara mi ojo. Encontre la portada de Oceans Eleven (De mis favoritas!), donde se ven todos parados. Como el tutorial pasado fue de caras, pense que seria bueno intentar algo acorde al tema, y encontre un poster de Perros de Reserva, de Tarantino.

En la Casa de Papel hay un guiño sacado de esta pelicula, por lo que esto tenia sentido. Lo unico que no me terminaba de gustar es como las caras se cortan a los lados y que no queda espacio para meter tantos personajes.

Luego recordé La de The Italian Job, La estafa maestra, del 2003 donde cada uno de los personajes esta especializado en algo, justo como en la Casa de Papel. Vi el póster y realmente me imagine a todos los personajes ahí acomodados de esa forma, era perfecto.

Como siempre, inicio primero con el boceto, en este caso tratando de determinar el espacio para cada uno de los personajes… Al inicio hice mal las cuentas y no me di cuenta que me faltaba uno.. ya buscare arreglarlo.

Una vez tenieno el boceto previo del acomodo, me vi a la tarea de bocetear a cada uno de los personajes. Puedes darte cuenta que cambie los tamaños y posiciones de algunos de ellos. Eso es algo muy bueno que tiene dibujar de forma digital, siempre puedes acomodar y rehacer algunas partes.

Ya con este boceto listo, me di a la tarea de hacer el detallado, personaje por personaje. Decidi empezar por los dalis de abajo, que representan al resto de los personajes. En mi acomodo inicial, deje a tres personajes arriba, debido a su importancia en la historia. Al ultimo personaje, Berlin, lo deje para acomodarlo con los dalis, pero volteando de perfil, el siempre esta pensando en lo suyo y a veces no sabemos si esta o no con el equipo.

Lo mas dificil fue lograr que de alguna forma se parecieran los personajes, ya que nos estamos basando en actores reales. La verdad es que no siento que dibujar retratos de gente sea lo mio, pero hice un esfuerzo por reconocer los elementos basicos de cada uno… El peinado y angulosidad del rostro de Tokio, La juventud y valentia de Rio y la mente maestra del Profesor.

Cartoon Wonder Woman


Here is a cartoon style Wonder Woman illustration that I did for my Youtube channel. I show there the whole process, starting with the sketch, doing the details and final lines and making the colors. For me, Wonder Woman is the symbol of justice, because she gives the women the empowerment to do what they want, to be free and independent. I think this character is getting from the past into the mind of the new generations, probably because of the success of the new movie.

Cartoon superheroine DC Comics Wonder Woman Cartoon Style fanart drawn colored by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Here below is part of the process: My initial sketch and the colored lines before doing the flat colors and shadows.

Cartoon superheroine-DC Comics Wonder-Woman Cartoon Style fanart drawn process by Rick Ruiz-Dana
Here is the full video process on how I did this Wonder Woman artwork.

Classic Megaman cartoon fanart


Here is a piece of fanart that I did about Classic Megaman. I used to play the first games just a little, on the NES, long ago! haha. Even as I like all megaman artwork and games, I’m more fond to the classic version. It may be his cartoon roots or something, but I think Keiji Inafune and Capcom did something great back then.  I have draw him twice, one for the Udon’s tribute book, image that I’ll post later. Here is the recent fanart and the rough sketch, just as a reference as you can see when compared to the finished one.

classic megaman colored fanart falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana from the capcom videogame

classic megaman fanart digital sketch falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Character design: Fantasy RPG techie old guy

Character Design

character design of cartoon fantasy RPG old wise guy with mustache and beard

He is the classic character who always fix the stuff and the one who creates the cool gadgets for fighting. He is a techie, a cool inventor and somehow his gear always saves the day.  I wanted to gave him a rough look, as if he is always prepared to fix something.

Character design: Sci-fi Armored Hero

Character Design

This character was born as a quick sketch but then it came to me as a sequence of him fighting in a massive futuristic battle so I decided to gave the design a second chance. I started him as a cyborg, with no visual clues of that on the first sketch. Later on, I made him to wear the armor instead of being made of it, making a mix between Ironman and Megaman, two of my favorite metallic heroes. Either way, I need to think if I’m going to do something with it, as the sequence of the futuristic fight is still fresh on my mind.Character design of a Sci-fi hero with robot armor concept art in cartoon comic style by Rick Ruiz-Dana 1Character design of a Sci-fi hero with robot armor concept art in cartoon comic style by Rick Ruiz-Dana 2Character design of a Sci-fi hero with robot armor concept art in cartoon comic style by Rick Ruiz-Dana 3Character design of a Sci-fi hero with robot armor concept art in cartoon comic style by Rick Ruiz-Dana 4Character design of a Sci-fi hero with robot armor concept art in cartoon comic style by Rick Ruiz-Dana 5

Artwork: Colored sci-fi characters

Character Design

cartoon comic colored characters science fiction style process artworkHere are a few character designs made just as practice to get better with my style. They’re all sci-fi guys, some more spacial and the others more cyberpunk. Either way, here is a glimpse to my art process: The penciled characters and the digital colored final version. Something that I enjoy to do is to change the color line of the artwork and to add a few simple textures to the characters. Somehow I like the rough and crude look they all have.cartoon comic colored characters artwork process science fiction style 1 by Rick Ruiz-Danacartoon comic colored characters artwork process science fiction style 2 by Rick Ruiz-Danacartoon comic colored characters artwork process science fiction style 3 by Rick Ruiz-Danacartoon comic colored characters artwork process science fiction style 4 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Concept art: Sci-fi spaceships

Concept Art

To change the subject a little and not show only sci-fi soldiers designs, here are a few science fiction spacecrafts. I wanted to design the spaceship as a military vessel who has a battalion inside so I tried many shapes. Some look more organic, as a fish or insect, others are based on some marine’s ships. Also, to get the ideas flowing, I did all in a light pencil line, just making doodles on the go.sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 1 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 2 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 3 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 4 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Concept art: Sci-fi soldiers 3

Concept Art

sci fi concept art soldiers for future comic bookHere are some of the sci-fi soldiers in full body, similar as the previous concept art that I posted before. Those ideas are still in development, but I think I’m getting close to the look that I’m aiming for. The first guy has a weapon that resembles a mace, as playing with the idea of different kind of weapons that are not guns. You’ll see what I mean in a future post, because I’m already doing more of this kind of stuff.sci fi concept art soldiers for future comic book

Concept art: Sci-fi soldier skeches

Concept Art

cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiersSimilar to the last post sci-fi character designs that I did, here you can spot some sketchy post apocalyptic soldiers for a project I’m working on. The idea is to find the shapes and better designs so I can work them up a little for further characters. The story setting is on a city surrounded by a desert, so is going to be fun to draw all that stuff. All this is for a comic book that I’m working with a friend of mine, I’ll show you later more stuff from this, like character designs and layouts of the actual pages. As you can see, I did many designs with gas masks and patches for the eyes, because they are cool. cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiersCharacter designs as concept art for future sci-fi futuristic comic book project.cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiers

Sci-Fi cartoon character designs

Character Design

Here are some cartoon sci fi style character designs as part of some concepts that I’m doing for fun. They may end up in some of my short stories or not, but I’m glad that they are flowing. I liked a lot the coloring style on these, with a little texture and not that much detail. Also, I love how the original pencil sketch can be seen on the final piece. Anyway, I would show you more designs like this on the future.

Last drawing of this year


And here, my last drawing of the year. I’m quite happy for all that happened on this 2012, all the work, drawings and good time with friends and family, and I’m eagerly looking forward to start the new one, because I feel this is going to be a new opportunity to do more of the stuff that I enjoy. I wish you all a great 2013, full of amazing things and also, a nice end of the year’s party.

Character design: Archaeologists

Character Design

cartoon-character-designs-archaeologists-and-explorers-by-Rick_Ruiz-DanaPlaying a little with some ideas similar to the cartoon explorers of this recent post, I decided to try my hand on drawing some archaeologists. There is always the experimented one, who knows how to proceed on the ruins, while the expert on ancient languages talks to the intrepid one, who likes to get into the most unexplored places.

Happy holidays!


season-card-cartoon-santa-santaclaus-elf-girl-snow-christmas-x-mas-happy-holidays-2012-by-Rick_Ruiz-DanaI have been working a lot lately, between personal projects and work, and I can tell that the 2013 looks brighter, so I’m eager to start it! Anyway, I wanted to send to all of you my best wishes to have an excellent holidays with your family and friends. Hope that all this happiness can extend to the rest of the year and on the new one, too.

About the x-mas card on this post, I wanted to draw something in the “santa claus” mythology, as I did in the last year’s card, but this time with a more “comic strip” feeling into it. I designed two new characters: Christmas elf warrior girl and a weird looking snow creature. You can see the card on a better resolution if you want to.

Cartoon character concepts: Adventure Explorers

Character Design, Concept Art

I have been working on some character designs for a company who wants to have an explorer for mascot. You’ll see that design later when we finish the project, but what I can say is that these human characters has nothing to do with the final art. They are just warmup designs that I did to loosen up a bit and to get into the Indiana Jones mood. here you can find the rookie, the seasoned one and the expert who knows how to hunt.

Character design: Mexican Dia de Muertos Calaveras

Character Design

cartoon_character_Design_of_some_Mexican_Candy_Skulls_Skeleton_Calaveras_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaI been working on this “cartoonist” simple style and I’m really happy with the results. Right now, because of the November’s Day of the dead (dia de muertos) festivities, I decided to draw some “calaveritas de dulce” (candy skulls), that are part of this mexican tradition. I wanted to portray some modern mexican people and a happy skull dog as funny skeletons.
If you want to see more, here is my cartoon calavera character from 2011.

Character Design: El Conde spanish vampire

Character Design

cartoon_halloween_vampire_character_design_conde_count_dracula_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis cartoon vampire count is a monster who likes the good “wine” and eat chistorra when on his castle outsides a small town from Spain called Santamaria de los milagros (clearly a fictitious place, hehe). He loves gypsy’s blood because he finds it more tasty and flavored.

… This character is based on this cartoon spanish vampire count that I did back in 2006 as part as a series of characters for halloween and día de muertos. I know how the old style looks so “Hanna-Barbera”, so I had to experiment with his face a lot.

Comicbook art: La Pangolina #8


Those comic book pages belong to a short story that I did for the volume 8 of La Pangolina in 2010. The idea behind all the stories on the book was soccer. Mine is about two teams fighting on the field during a regular game that got an unusual ending. As you can tell, I drew a robot in it. Anyway, those were really fun pages to do and I was quite happy with the results.

Character design: Medieval RPG part 2


Here are a few more character designs as a development for my future RPG comicbook. As you can see, the proportions keep changing so they look more “chibi” or “superdeformed” now. I like how they look because I believe that the chibi style is a great one, with huge potential  if you know how to use it. Anyway, the first two characters are some old ones from time ago. I used to draw the fist guy a lot when in highschool.  The second one is from a story that was published on La Gulpolina #1. I’ll show you that later.