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Character Design Concepts: Egyptian Spirit

Cartoon character design concepts of an Egyptian spirit for a future illustration project by Rick Ruiz-DanaHere are a few concept designs, in a sketch quality (bear with me), for a character that is part of a illustration I’m doing for a book’s friend. The idea is about Aj Sheut, an egyptian powerful spirit who is at the commands of the owner of a sacred book. I did an extensive research of images and whatever I can find about the ancient Egypt and with that I started to sketch the character. You may notice that some elements keep coming on each version, like the long faces and the Horus’ eye symbol, that is very important on the story. At some point I did a face based on a chacal’s cranium, because of the character afinity with the god Anubis, but I ended liking the human faces more. I did a few more versions trying to incorporate some egyptian motif. I would show you an advance of the illustration on a future post.

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