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365 Characters

365 Cartoon Characters project for my blogThere you go. It has been a full year since that first character. It was a great experience and also a challenge for myself. I started the 365 characters project because I wanted to generate fresh content for my blog regularly and also because I wanted to grow as a cartoonist.

It started back in February 2011 when I was working with my pals on an animation studio. There we talked about videogames and animation and many cool things and that fueled my ideas so, at some point, I really wanted to start something bigger than before.

Anyway, I still have lots of work to do related to this project. I’m starting a huge poster with all the characters (some have been asking, thanks a lot!) and a couple of side projects. Also I would be working on this site to fix a few things and more content. Thank you for reading and for all your nice comments and support during this year.

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5 thoughts on “365 Characters

  • Congratulations Rick on finishing successfully the 365 project!!!!!!!!
    Amazing illustrations man!!!!!!

    looking forward to seeing more work from you!

    • Un gustazo! Mira, arriba esta un link que dice 365 Personajes, ahí salen todos en pequeño y puedes navegar con los botones de abajo para ir hacia atrás. Un saludo y que chido que pudiste darte una vuelta por la convención!

  • muy bueno hermanooo..!! esta de la putamare.. como se dice en peru..!!!!
    me gustaria poder descargar las imagenes para pegarlos en mi cuarto, aparte tiene algo de ingles… me servira para aprender otro idiomas..!!! suerte y q te vaya bien en todo..!!!

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