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Yeah! Welcome to my blog!

Here it is. My fist post. I´ll be updating this blog from time to time and I would try to elaborate some of my views on different areas as in cartooning, character design and many other things that apeal to me.  Also I would be sharing my artwork and ideas.  For now I just started my gallery right here. Thanks for stoping by!

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2 thoughts on “Yeah! Welcome to my blog!

  • Just went through all of your characters and liked (facebook too :D) most of them. Man you’ve a great talent! I mean, you’ve a great style of drawing cartoon characters. I’m not good at this, but drawing 365 with ease… That’s a hell of work!
    My advice is to keep doing what you’re doing now. The world needs to see your work. Subscribed and will follow the feeds with interest.

    • Ivan, I really appreciate your comments man. Thanks a lot for taking your time into watching my characters and for all the nice words. I’ll keep up drawing!

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