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365 characters

224 Young Good Witch

365 Characters Cartoon Cute Good Young Witch who uses her Magical Powers to Help others by Rick Ruiz-Dana character designThis witch girl, with the help of her magical staff, goes around places making things better. She learned from an old witch, about how to be good and not use magic to harm others.

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3 thoughts on “224 Young Good Witch

  • What’s with the excessive amount of wardrobe? This is clearly NOT nerd-friendly.


    Just kidding, it’s just that it seems so unusual these days to find a female character with clothes on. Seems that no matter what context they’re in (sci-fi, swords and sorcery, etc…)they all should be wearing nothing but some bikini-like outfit in order to appeal to the masses.
    Sorry, I digress…

    Great work, man. ‘365 Characters’ project is really cool!

    • hehe I know man. I think that clothing is part of the context of the character, sometimes you may need to draw some bikini outfit, sometimes full clothes, I like variety and I agree, the idea is to appeal to the story, then the masses. Thanks a lot for the comments man!

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