Character design: Mexican Dia de Muertos Calaveras

Character Design

cartoon_character_Design_of_some_Mexican_Candy_Skulls_Skeleton_Calaveras_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaI been working on this “cartoonist” simple style and I’m really happy with the results. Right now, because of the November’s Day of the dead (dia de muertos) festivities, I decided to draw some “calaveritas de dulce” (candy skulls), that are part of this mexican tradition. I wanted to portray some modern mexican people and a happy skull dog as funny skeletons.
If you want to see more, here is my cartoon calavera character from 2011.

252 Pepe Calavera

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252_Cartoon_Skeleton_Guy_Pepe_Calavera_who_is_ready_for_el_Dia_de_MuertosPepe is one of my recurring characters that keep coming on my work. I remember I did a halloweenDía de Muertos mashup cards long ago with him versus the Pumpkin King. Anyway, being a special day, I wanted to draw him back from the land of the dead so he can drink more tequila and dance some pachuco music.