Classic Megaman cartoon fanart


Here is a piece of fanart that I did about Classic Megaman. I used to play the first games just a little, on the NES, long ago! haha. Even as I like all megaman artwork and games, I’m more fond to the classic version. It may be his cartoon roots or something, but I think Keiji Inafune and Capcom did something great back then.  I have draw him twice, one for the Udon’s tribute book, image that I’ll post later. Here is the recent fanart and the rough sketch, just as a reference as you can see when compared to the finished one.

classic megaman colored fanart falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana from the capcom videogame

classic megaman fanart digital sketch falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana

016 RetroBot

365 characters

016_Happy_Cartoon_Retro_RobBotThe people of the last decades had always wished for better and easier ways of doing  things, like the horrendous domestic chores. It is good that we, people of the future, have robots that do the chores for us. Really, why don’t we have robots yet? I´m still waiting.

006 Wheelie skatebot

365 characters

06_wheelie the cartoon racing robot in skatesHe is a fast robot indeed. In this city there is a bunch of fast robots as well, and they like to compete against each other for cash prices,  so they can buy stuff for their little robot apartments.