Concept art: Sci-fi soldiers 3

Concept Art

Here are some of the sci-fi soldiers in full body, similar as the previous concept art that I posted before. Those ideas are still in development, but I think I’m getting close to the look that I’m aiming for. The first guy has a weapon that resembles a mace, as playing with the idea of different kind of weapons that are not guns. You’ll see what I mean in a future post, because I’m already doing more of this kind of stuff.sci fi concept art soldiers for future comic book

Concept art: Sci-fi soldier skeches

Concept Art

Similar to the last post sci-fi character designs that I did, here you can spot some sketchy postapocalyptic soldiers for a project I’m working on. The idea is to find the shapes and better designs so I can work them up a little for futher characters. The story setting is on a city surrounded by a desert, so is going to be fun to draw all that stuff. All this is for a comic book that I’m working with a friend of mine, I’ll show you later more stuff from this, like character designs and layouts of the actual pages. As you can see, I did many designs with gas masks and patches for the eyes, because they are cool. cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiersCharacter designs as concept art for future sci-fi futuristic comic book project.cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiers