Promo Illustration: Kids playing music for guitar lessons


Kids_playing_Acoustic_Guitar_cartoon_ilustration_for_Guitar_Lessons_Ad_07-31-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis illustration was made as a gift for my mom’s birthday, because she is an acoustic guitar teacher. With a nice typography we can transform this poster into a full promotional that can be hanged on different places. It was a fun piece to do, but somehow difficult. The guitars and the kids’ poses where done a few times until I got them right. Either way, at the end I painted some color effects and a few musical notes to enhance the drawing. here is the full illustration and a few sketches:

013 Bebo Jay The Beatboxer

365 characters

365 Characters Bebo Jay the hip hop beat boxing machine. Cartoon character for my blog by Rick Ruiz-Dana Character DesignIn the streets always are a few funky and fun characters doing their thing. I love the sound of a mix with a good beat and I bet this urban hip hop beatboxer also does.

002 Tololoche Hero

365 characters

002_TololocheHero_artist_musician_strings_guitar_player_by_rickR-DPlaying the Tool songs on Guitar Hero was very hard… I imagine that playing them with a tololoche (a mexican acoustic bass) may be damn hard. This character is looking for more heroes so he can start a rock band that will play only with traditional instruments.