015 Go-Go Girl

365 characters

I wish I can travel around the world too.  And take pictures of all the places, and… and draw all the people, and… and… yeah.. Someday.

011 Spoiled Princess

365 characters

What if you get all the money inherited by of royal people who ruled a country for generations. What if you can just say it and everything can be changed, created or destroyed around you? I guess you would be a little spoiled sad person with no real friends. Maybe. This little princess is just like that. She may have all the money of the world and the power to do her will, but no one wants to be her friend just for her. What a horrible curse.

004 Umbrella Girl

365 characters

She is a happy girl who only likes to play outside every time that starts raining, what is very often where she lives. On the other side, her dog just doesn’t feel like playing that much. What he doesn’t know is that there is a bowl with warm milk waiting for him when they get back home.