Character design: Medieval RPG

Character Design

I’been working on some concepts for a fantasy comic book. So, I did many characters and scenarios to find the ideas for the concept. here are few of them. As you can see, the proportions keep changing and also the small details on the “style”. Either way, I like to draw for a few days until I find the ones I like.

Concept art: Medieval Fantasy RPG town

Concept Art

I been working on many drawings inspired on a RPG fantasy style setting. I have a few characters that I’ll post later and also a few setting elements like these buildings here. The idea is to do rough sketches to play with the different architectural elements and to find the definitive look. I’m still on that. I can see this buildings in a real RPG iPad videogame!

020 Mecharm Goblin

365 characters

020_Goblin_cartoon_fantasy_characterFantasy creatures are always fun to draw. Specially the mischievous ones.  I always liked the  fantasy worlds, but I prefer the ones that you can see in the videogames, not in the movies.. I guess I’m not much of a fan of the realistic versions. Anyway, here is a goblin with a mechanical arm ready for duty.