Cartoon Wonder Woman


Here is a cartoon style Wonder Woman illustration that I did for my Youtube channel. I show there the whole process, starting with the sketch, doing the details and final lines and making the colors. For me, Wonder Woman is the symbol of justice, because she gives the women the empowerment to do what they want, to be free and independent. I think this character is getting from the past into the mind of the new generations, probably because of the success of the new movie.

Cartoon superheroine DC Comics Wonder Woman Cartoon Style fanart drawn colored by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Here below is part of the process: My initial sketch and the colored lines before doing the flat colors and shadows.

Cartoon superheroine-DC Comics Wonder-Woman Cartoon Style fanart drawn process by Rick Ruiz-Dana
Here is the full video process on how I did this Wonder Woman artwork.

Classic Megaman cartoon fanart


Here is a piece of fanart that I did about Classic Megaman. I used to play the first games just a little, on the NES, long ago! haha. Even as I like all megaman artwork and games, I’m more fond to the classic version. It may be his cartoon roots or something, but I think Keiji Inafune and Capcom did something great back then.  I have draw him twice, one for the Udon’s tribute book, image that I’ll post later. Here is the recent fanart and the rough sketch, just as a reference as you can see when compared to the finished one.

classic megaman colored fanart falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana from the capcom videogame

classic megaman fanart digital sketch falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Artwork made on the ConComics convention 2012


Here is some artwork that I did on the two days of the ConComics event. People went by my table and saw me drawing those . Also, I got to chat with many people interested on drawing and comicbooks who asked me a few questions. By the end, it was a fine convention and I made new friends on the way. The first artworks are about Yomba, a character of mine who was created for a mexican comicbook that I made with some friends. I want to work on this story  in a near future so I practice a little bit with the character. The other art is a fanart of Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter. I used him to show some of the drawing (structure,etc) and coloring process that I use.