Classic Megaman cartoon fanart


Here is a piece of fanart that I did about Classic Megaman. I used to play the first games just a little, on the NES, long ago! haha. Even as I like all megaman artwork and games, I’m more fond to the classic version. It may be his cartoon roots or something, but I think Keiji Inafune and Capcom did something great back then.  I have draw him twice, one for the Udon’s tribute book, image that I’ll post later. Here is the recent fanart and the rough sketch, just as a reference as you can see when compared to the finished one.

classic megaman colored fanart falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana from the capcom videogame

classic megaman fanart digital sketch falling videogame cartoon style by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Artwork made on the ConComics convention 2012


Here is some artwork that I did on the two days of the ConComics event. People went by my table and saw me drawing those . Also, I got to chat with many people interested on drawing and comicbooks who asked me a few questions. By the end, it was a fine convention and I made new friends on the way. The first artworks are about Yomba, a character of mine who was created for a mexican comicbook that I made with some friends. I want to work on this story  in a near future so I practice a little bit with the character. The other art is a fanart of Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter. I used him to show some of the drawing (structure,etc) and coloring process that I use.