Concept art: Space Dog

Concept Art

Here are a some concepts that I did as a development for my Space Dog cartoon character. The idea is to do a short story to show those cute characters interacting. I already did the first page and soon I’ll post the rest, when is finished. Here you can see the main characters (so far); Space Dog, the commander and a cosmonaut cat. Also you can see that I changed the dog original design a little. I got rid of the googles and played with the costumes. Also he doesn’t look exactly like those ilustrations for children’s books that I did. Oh well, I like to experiment with the style sometimes.

Children illustration: Space Dog


Space_Dog_Perro_Espacial__ilustracion_infantil_Children_16-07-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaI was working on a couple of children illustrations for my portfolio using the first character that I did for my 365 characters project. The idea behind was to show how science concepts can be presented to kids in a colorful and fun way using sci-fi and cartoon elements. Also I’m working in a few pages comic samples using the same concept and a few new characers part of this “space dog” universe. For now, hope you like the illustrations.

004 Umbrella Girl

365 characters

04_umbrella_puddle_niña_charco_toon_by_rickR-DShe is a happy girl who only likes to play outside every time that starts raining, what is very often where she lives. On the other side, her dog just doesn’t feel like playing that much. What he doesn’t know is that there is a bowl with warm milk waiting for him when they get back home.

001 SpaceDog on Patrol

365 characters

001_cartoon_SpaceDog_astronaut_by_rickR-DI like characters.  Sometimes the funny ones, when I feel happy or the not so funny when I’m not.  And I love to draw and create them, even when they elude me and don´t want to be created. I dream of a day when this place gets populated with many, many characters.

…So I present you:  SpaceDog, the first of many, many characters.