021 Chica del Futuro

365 characters

021_Toon_FutureGirl_Spy_GadgetsShe is a fresh homage to all the Sci-Fi concepts that are out there. The future and all the possibilities that come with it are something that has appealed to me since a kid. I can tell that some of those innovations are already here, but I wish there were more people getting amazed by the advances instead of seeing only the bad things about this world.

018 Señorita Malosa

365 characters

018_ilustracion_cartoon_personaje_señorita_malvada_y_estricta_maestra_de_primaria_que_gusta_aterrorizar_alumnos_por_RickR-DShe is the dictator and only ruler of the classroom kingdom. You may think that you never knew someone like her, but we all know, that deep inside of you, are hiding some horrible memories about her class of terror. I don´t miss school at all.