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Dibujando La Casa de Papel -antena 3 Netflix serie de TV españa ilustracion fanart estilo cartoon caricatura dibujo anime tokio rio profesor y mascaras de dali por Rick Ruiz-DanaPedro de Arriba asked me on my Youtube if I was planning to draw the characters from the TV series, Money Heist, that is on Netflix. I haven’t seen it at the time, I only knew it for the Netflix ads. It looked like it was about some killers or robbers with weird Dali masks and red jumpsuits. It reminded me the Purge series, with horror, gore and lots of deads. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then I watched the first episode. So little I knew about what I was getting into.

I binge through the first season in two days!

Money Heist is a 2017 Spanish TV series called “The House of Paper”, La Casa de Papel, that aired on Antena 3.

Lo primero que me se me vino a la cabeza son todas esas referencias y guiños a las peliculas de atracos. Me recordo a Tarantino, a La gran Estafa de Soderbergh, a las pelis de Guy Ritchie y a Breaking Bad.

Con ganas de dibujar algo mas épico, me puse a buscar entre las portadas de las pelicuas de estafas, a ver si encontraba algo que secuestrara mi ojo. Encontre la portada de Oceans Eleven (De mis favoritas!), donde se ven todos parados. Como el tutorial pasado fue de caras, pense que seria bueno intentar algo acorde al tema, y encontre un poster de Perros de Reserva, de Tarantino.

En la Casa de Papel hay un guiño sacado de esta pelicula, por lo que esto tenia sentido. Lo unico que no me terminaba de gustar es como las caras se cortan a los lados y que no queda espacio para meter tantos personajes.

Luego recordé La de The Italian Job, La estafa maestra, del 2003 donde cada uno de los personajes esta especializado en algo, justo como en la Casa de Papel. Vi el póster y realmente me imagine a todos los personajes ahí acomodados de esa forma, era perfecto.

Como siempre, inicio primero con el boceto, en este caso tratando de determinar el espacio para cada uno de los personajes… Al inicio hice mal las cuentas y no me di cuenta que me faltaba uno.. ya buscare arreglarlo.

Una vez tenieno el boceto previo del acomodo, me vi a la tarea de bocetear a cada uno de los personajes. Puedes darte cuenta que cambie los tamaños y posiciones de algunos de ellos. Eso es algo muy bueno que tiene dibujar de forma digital, siempre puedes acomodar y rehacer algunas partes.

Ya con este boceto listo, me di a la tarea de hacer el detallado, personaje por personaje. Decidi empezar por los dalis de abajo, que representan al resto de los personajes. En mi acomodo inicial, deje a tres personajes arriba, debido a su importancia en la historia. Al ultimo personaje, Berlin, lo deje para acomodarlo con los dalis, pero volteando de perfil, el siempre esta pensando en lo suyo y a veces no sabemos si esta o no con el equipo.

Lo mas dificil fue lograr que de alguna forma se parecieran los personajes, ya que nos estamos basando en actores reales. La verdad es que no siento que dibujar retratos de gente sea lo mio, pero hice un esfuerzo por reconocer los elementos basicos de cada uno… El peinado y angulosidad del rostro de Tokio, La juventud y valentia de Rio y la mente maestra del Profesor.

Happy holidays!


season-card-cartoon-santa-santaclaus-elf-girl-snow-christmas-x-mas-happy-holidays-2012-by-Rick_Ruiz-DanaI have been working a lot lately, between personal projects and work, and I can tell that the 2013 looks brighter, so I’m eager to start it! Anyway, I wanted to send to all of you my best wishes to have an excellent holidays with your family and friends. Hope that all this happiness can extend to the rest of the year and on the new one, too.

About the x-mas card on this post, I wanted to draw something in the “santa claus” mythology, as I did in the last year’s card, but this time with a more “comic strip” feeling into it. I designed two new characters: Christmas elf warrior girl and a weird looking snow creature. You can see the card on a better resolution if you want to.

Promo Illustration: Kids playing music for guitar lessons


Kids_playing_Acoustic_Guitar_cartoon_ilustration_for_Guitar_Lessons_Ad_07-31-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis illustration was made as a gift for my mom’s birthday, because she is an acoustic guitar teacher. With a nice typography we can transform this poster into a full promotional that can be hanged on different places. It was a fun piece to do, but somehow difficult. The guitars and the kids’ poses where done a few times until I got them right. Either way, at the end I painted some color effects and a few musical notes to enhance the drawing. here is the full illustration and a few sketches:

Children illustration: Space Dog


Space_Dog_Perro_Espacial__ilustracion_infantil_Children_16-07-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaI was working on a couple of children illustrations for my portfolio using the first character that I did for my 365 characters project. The idea behind was to show how science concepts can be presented to kids in a colorful and fun way using sci-fi and cartoon elements. Also I’m working in a few pages comic samples using the same concept and a few new characers part of this “space dog” universe. For now, hope you like the illustrations.

Ancient Egypt: Editorial children illustration


Ancient_Egypt_egyptians_working_cartoon_editorial_children_ilustration__07-10-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis is a piece I did for my current editorial portfolio. Wanted to work with a historical setting so I choose the Ancient Egypt theme, with many workers close to the Nile, during the wheat harvest. It took me a while to finish it because of all those details, but it was worth it. I used most of my research that you saw on this post, when I designed many egyptian characters. Also it took a while to find the proper look of this egyptian fishing boat. Here are also the color key and composition rough and some warm up character sketches.

Lucha Libre Ilustration: Blue Demon Tribute


lucha_libre_Blue_Demon_tribute_cartoon_illustration_06-13-2012_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaHere it is a cool retro style illustration that I did for a tribute gallery for the Lucha Libre legend Blue Demon on 11th anniversary of his death. The event was held on December 16 of 2011 in Mexico City. There was art of many other cool artists and Blue Demon Jr was there to talk about his dad. It was a really fun piece to do because I was able to watch some movies and posters about the legend as a research. I included many of his most famous enemies, like the werewolf, the intergalactic babe invaders, some zombies  and the brains from hell.

Book illustration: Perdeliquium


Here is the finished illustration done for my friend Emilio Mejía and his cool project Pedeliquium: A book series based on a previous comic book created by him and a few cool friends, including me, back in the day. He took all the story background he wrote and translate it into a impressive book. I have to say that the story is very well done and you’ll have many surprises in it. I got the fortune to work on a couple of illustrations for chapter four, the Sorrows’ chamber, where the main villain is getting his dark powers. Very cool chapter, by the way.

About the art, I wanted to portray the main character with a strong attitude in front of the Aj-sheut, the dark spirit who wants to destroy him. You may remember the egyptian spirit concepts  from a previous post. This is how he ended. Also, if you see closer, I worked the entire drawing with pencils instead of inks and then applied the colors. It has a different feel, more organic, I think.

My best wishes for the holidays!


happy_holidays_felices_fiestas_2011_space_sci-fi_santa_by_RickR-DI wanted to wish you all my best thoughts and I hope that everyone of you do wonderful on this new 2012. Many new goals are getting set and new obstacles and a lot of fun too; so here is a space santa with all and his sci-fi spaceship, giving joy across the galaxy just to warm up.