Concept Art

Concept art: Sci-fi spaceships

Concept Art

To change the subject a little and not show only sci-fi soldiers designs, here are a few science fiction spacecrafts. I wanted to design the spaceship as a military vessel who has a battalion inside so I tried many shapes. Some look more organic, as a fish or insect, others are based on some marine’s ships. Also, to get the ideas flowing, I did all in a light pencil line, just making doodles on the go.sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 1 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 2 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 3 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

sci-fi sketch concept art videogame spaceship shapes 4 by Rick Ruiz-Dana

Concept art: Sci-fi soldiers 3

Concept Art

Here are some of the sci-fi soldiers in full body, similar as the previous concept art that I posted before. Those ideas are still in development, but I think I’m getting close to the look that I’m aiming for. The first guy has a weapon that resembles a mace, as playing with the idea of different kind of weapons that are not guns. You’ll see what I mean in a future post, because I’m already doing more of this kind of stuff.sci fi concept art soldiers for future comic book

Concept art: Sci-fi soldier skeches

Concept Art

Similar to the last post sci-fi character designs that I did, here you can spot some sketchy postapocalyptic soldiers for a project I’m working on. The idea is to find the shapes and better designs so I can work them up a little for futher characters. The story setting is on a city surrounded by a desert, so is going to be fun to draw all that stuff. All this is for a comic book that I’m working with a friend of mine, I’ll show you later more stuff from this, like character designs and layouts of the actual pages. As you can see, I did many designs with gas masks and patches for the eyes, because they are cool. cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiersCharacter designs as concept art for future sci-fi futuristic comic book project.cartoon comicbook concept art sketches of some postapocalyptic sci-fi soldiers

Cartoon character concepts: Adventure Explorers

Character Design, Concept Art

I have been working on some character designs for a company who wants to have an explorer for mascot. You’ll see that design later when we finish the project, but what I can say is that these human characters has nothing to do with the final art. They are just warmup designs that I did to loosen up a bit and to get into the Indiana Jones mood. here you can find the rookie, the seasoned one and the expert who knows how to hunt.

Concept art: Medieval Fantasy RPG town

Concept Art

I been working on many drawings inspired on a RPG fantasy style setting. I have a few characters that I’ll post later and also a few setting elements like these buildings here. The idea is to do rough sketches to play with the different architectural elements and to find the definitive look. I’m still on that. I can see this buildings in a real RPG iPad videogame!

Concept art: Space Dog

Concept Art

Here are a some concepts that I did as a development for my Space Dog cartoon character. The idea is to do a short story to show those cute characters interacting. I already did the first page and soon I’ll post the rest, when is finished. Here you can see the main characters (so far); Space Dog, the commander and a cosmonaut cat. Also you can see that I changed the dog original design a little. I got rid of the googles and played with the costumes. Also he doesn’t look exactly like those ilustrations for children’s books that I did. Oh well, I like to experiment with the style sometimes.