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Artwork made on the ConComics convention 2012


Here is some artwork that I did on the two days of the ConComics event. People went by my table and saw me drawing those . Also, I got to chat with many people interested on drawing and comicbooks who asked me a few questions. By the end, it was a fine convention and I made new friends on the way. The first artworks are about Yomba, a character of mine who was created for a mexican comicbook that I made with some friends. I want to work on this story  in a near future so I practice a little bit with the character. The other art is a fanart of Ryu from Capcom’s Street Fighter. I used him to show some of the drawing (structure,etc) and coloring process that I use.

Rick R-D at Tour ConComics Guadalajara 2012


This past weekend I got the fortune to share space with many great artists from México on the Tour ConComics convention at my city. Also, many friends of mine went to say hello, so I got time to chat with many of them. Also, I was selling sketches and a bunch of my comicbooks.
I was thrill to see that many people attending to the convention, something I didn’t saw in years.
Also, I meet many people interested on drawing, comicbooks and manga and I got the chance to interact with them!
Thankyou all to went to say hi to me! Anyway, here are the pics:

Book illustration: Perdeliquium


Here is the finished illustration done for my friend Emilio Mejía and his cool project Pedeliquium: A book series based on a previous comic book created by him and a few cool friends, including me, back in the day. He took all the story background he wrote and translate it into a impressive book. I have to say that the story is very well done and you’ll have many surprises in it. I got the fortune to work on a couple of illustrations for chapter four, the Sorrows’ chamber, where the main villain is getting his dark powers. Very cool chapter, by the way.

About the art, I wanted to portray the main character with a strong attitude in front of the Aj-sheut, the dark spirit who wants to destroy him. You may remember the egyptian spirit concepts  from a previous post. This is how he ended. Also, if you see closer, I worked the entire drawing with pencils instead of inks and then applied the colors. It has a different feel, more organic, I think.

Character Design Concepts: Egyptians

Character Design

Here are a few character designs for a couple of  illustrations that I’m working on. The idea is to draw a few scenes of the life on the Ancient Egypt so I did a little research on the subject. Then worked on different type of characters as warriors, slaves, writers and women so I can get the feel for the project. Right now, one of the scenes is about a bunch of slaves working the wheat near the Nile and the other is about the Egyptian gods. I’ll show you more work later.

Character Design Concepts: Egyptian Spirit

Character Design

Cartoon character design concepts of an Egyptian spirit for a future illustration project by Rick Ruiz-DanaHere are a few concept designs, in a sketch quality (bear with me), for a character that is part of a illustration I’m doing for a book’s friend. The idea is about Aj Sheut, an egyptian powerful spirit who is at the commands of the owner of a sacred book. I did an extensive research of images and whatever I can find about the ancient Egypt and with that I started to sketch the character. You may notice that some elements keep coming on each version, like the long faces and the Horus’ eye symbol, that is very important on the story. At some point I did a face based on a chacal’s cranium, because of the character afinity with the god Anubis, but I ended liking the human faces more. I did a few more versions trying to incorporate some egyptian motif. I would show you an advance of the illustration on a future post.

365 Characters


365 Cartoon Characters project for my blogThere you go. It has been a full year since that first character. It was a great experience and also a challenge for myself. I started the 365 characters project because I wanted to generate fresh content for my blog regularly and also because I wanted to grow as a cartoonist.

It started back in February 2011 when I was working with my pals on an animation studio. There we talked about videogames and animation and many cool things and that fueled my ideas so, at some point, I really wanted to start something bigger than before.

Anyway, I still have lots of work to do related to this project. I’m starting a huge poster with all the characters (some have been asking, thanks a lot!) and a couple of side projects. Also I would be working on this site to fix a few things and more content. Thank you for reading and for all your nice comments and support during this year.

365 Heads Monster

365 characters

365_Cartoon_Powerful_365_Heads_Chimera_Monster_with_Wisdom_for_the_Beholders_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaWell, here it is my final character for the series. He is a powerful monster chimera with lots of things to teach if you are there to listen. Anyway, it was a really cool experience, and lots of work too. I want to sincerely thank you for reading my blog and for the kind comments on my facebook, twitter and here. It has helped me a lot to keep going. So, well, it feels cool to finish something.

363 Elephant of Troy

365 characters

363_Cartoon_Playful_big_Trojan_Elephant_who_doesnt_want_to_be_a_War_Weapon_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis big elephant is a playful and very noble. He just wants to play with his new army friends. They are trying to teach him how to enter in the enemy’s city without making too much noise, but he is not getting it. Still, he lets them play hide and seek on his mount. The Trojans can’t sleep with all the noise they are making.

362 Protective Minotaur

365 characters

362_Cartoon_Mythology _Warrior_Minotaur_protecting_some_chickens_with_his_Sword_By_Rick_ruiz-DanaHere it is a brave minotaur warrior swinging his sword to protect the little chickens from the evil goblins. He just wants to have peace on the magic valley without somebody eating somebody, that’s all. Anyway, fantasy concepts are always very cool.

361 Movie Director

365 characters

361_Cartoon_old_Fashioned_1930_Movie_Director_making_an_adventure_Film_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaMovies are almost a new thing if you compare them with other type of art. Still, there is a huge legacy made by all those people who made those classic films. This cartoon motion picture director is really happy to do his part on the industry. He hopes his movie becomes a huge success so he can make many more films in the future.


360 Ugly Cowboy on Pretty Horse

365 characters

360_Cartoon_Ugly_Bandit_Cowboy_with_a_Combed_Groomed_Pretty_and_Cute_Horse_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThe wild west is a tough place. You need to be prepared for anything that the life sends you, even if is some horrible decease or the gold fever. On the other side, even if most people doesn’t have manners, there is not a rule that says that you can’t bathe yourself almost every week. The same with your horse. This cartoon ugly bandit knows it.

359 Mister Flame

365 characters

359_Cartoon_Mr_Flame_Creature_who_can_Destroy_the_Shadows_of_Darkness_with_his_Fire_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis cartoon small flame has been fighting the shadows for a lot of time. He and his friends just defeated the evil and freed their homeland but now they have a bigger quest; to defeat the shadows from the nearest kingdoms. His advantage on the battlefield is he can start up a fire pretty much anywhere, that bothers the shadows a lot because they hate fireworks.


358 Amazon Warrior

365 characters

358_Cartoon_Skilled_Amazon_Female_Warrior_Protecting_the_Sacred_Temple_from_Intruders_by_Rick_ruiz-DanaShe is a tough amazon warrior who has been training very hard her whole life. That temple, and pretty much all in the island, isn’t going to be safe just by itself; the amazon army is need it to protect it from outsiders. I always liked mythology so I wanted to draw something in that flavor.. and by the way, I love how the armor ended.

357 Lucha Libre Crocodile

365 characters

357_Cartoon_Crocodile_Wrestling_Luchador_doing_his_best_for_the_Fans_on_the_Ring_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThe terror of the ring, this cartoon wrestling crocodile is the former champion of the league. Actually there is no real match for his skills so he’s waiting for a new challenger to come. lucha libre animal style!