Rick R-D at Tour ConComics Guadalajara 2012

May 23, 2012  |  Blog

This past weekend I got the fortune to share space with many great artists from México on the Tour ConComics convention at my city. Also, many friends of mine went to say hello, so I got time to chat with many of them. Also, I was selling sketches and a bunch of my comicbooks.
I was thrill to see that many people attending to the convention, something I didn’t saw in years.
Also, I meet many people interested on drawing, comicbooks and manga and I got the chance to interact with them!
Thankyou all to went to say hi to me! Anyway, here are the pics:


  1. Wiiiiiiiiiiiii sali en un foto

  2. Ni siquera me di cuenta cuando me la tomaro, muy buenas tus historietas, saludos

  3. Ahorita que me voy dando cuenta salí en 2 fotos

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