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356 Octo Brain

356_Cartoon_Octobrain_Alien_creature_with_Mind_Powers_who_works_in_a_Circus_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaAs a powerful alien, this guy can use telekinesis to move objects around and amuse people on the spacial circus. When he gets mad he shoots his mind ray to the audience. But he is a nice guy after all.

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  • Hi Fred. No, I’m not criticizing you. I worked for about 13 years ago. I can’t remember the blog’s title but it was under my name. My editor would occasionally have news staff pick fights with me over gun control, politics, etc. I think I recognize some tells that indicate P is part of the da.yirecordlcom staff. Their writing skill aren’t as tight as the regular newspaper (more like TV) and they rely on web skill more that their own brain cells.Anyways, that’s what I was referring to.

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