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311 Tokusatsu Hero

365 characters

311_Cartoon_Japanese_Tokusatsu_Hero_who_fights_Giant_Monsters_from_Space_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaBeing a superhero with cosmic powers is a huge responsibility. Huge monsters from space always find Earth tasty and want to get a piece of it. I always liked tokusatsu heroes (Ultraman, Kamen Raider, etc) and the big monster movies, so from time to time I like to draw something in that vein.

310 Tattooed Penguin

365 characters

310_Cartoon_Penguin_with_a_Tattoo_so_he_can_be_Different_and_Unique_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaWhen surrounded by many with the same looks as you, the best idea is to wear something different to be distinguished by. This cartoon penguin with an X tattoo on his chest is very happy to be unique.

309 Worshiper Native

365 characters

309_Cartoon_Native_who_Worships_his_god_so_the_tribe_gets_prosperity_next_Year_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis little worshiper is ready for the new year festivities on his island. Everybody is getting the food ready and the musicians are on the spot with their drums. Life is good if you live in a small island surrounded by your people.


308 Captain Hate

365 characters

308_Cartoon_SuperHero_captain_who_uses_his_Hatred_Vision_to_make_Criminals_To_fight_Against_Each_Others_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaEven as his name has the word “hate” in it, he is a good and kind guy. He only uses his hate power against bad guys. Or he tries to, because he is a superhero.


307 King Toad Like

365 characters

307_Cartoon_Toad_Like_King_of_the_Swamp_who_watches_over_his_Vassals_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaThis cartoon weird king has been a good ruler for his people. The life expectancy on the swamps got increased and every citizen has a decent job and a nice home. Everybody hopes that someday the royal prince will be a good king as his father.


306 Girl with Coat

365 characters

306_Cartoon_Girl_with_Cozzy_Coat_to_keep_her_Warm_by_Rick_Ruiz_DanaShe got a new bike and a big warm coat on this holidays. So when she is on the bike and fall, she doesn’t get hurt. The only thing is that she can barely move her arms.

305 Melting Snowman

365 characters

305_Cartoon_Winter_Snowman_Melting_with_the_hot_Sun_by_Rick_Ruiz-DanaIt is not a bad thing to become a cool steamy cloud. That way you can fly over places and see new countries. And someday become part with the ocean. Still, poor snowman. He likes the holidays a lot.

My best wishes for the holidays!


happy_holidays_felices_fiestas_2011_space_sci-fi_santa_by_RickR-DI wanted to wish you all my best thoughts and I hope that everyone of you do wonderful on this new 2012. Many new goals are getting set and new obstacles and a lot of fun too; so here is a space santa with all and his sci-fi spaceship, giving joy across the galaxy just to warm up.

304 Carrot Guy

365 characters

304_Cartoon_Carrot_Like_Creature_Guy_who_can_Stretch_his_Arms_By_Rick_Ruiz-DanaPeople say that sight gets improved if you eat a lots of carrots, thanks to vitamin A. But also if you eat a lot, you can become a carrot man. this guy is like that and he like it because one of the side effects is that he can stretch his arms. Very convenient.